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A single platform where all participants of the Supply Chain

can have visibility of the whole system.

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Within set rules, teams can self-organize to improve system performance.



Blue-loop provides an overview of the Supply Chain in real time.
It brings all the key players into one single platform where they can work, communicate, and avoid problems before they happen.


Effective Communication

On Blue-loop communication can be one-to-one and one-to-many.
Reduce the number of emails.
Easily identify what is urgent and important.


Easy to Use

Simple building blocks with all relevant information.
Connect building blocks and give permission on which information to share.
Link building blocks so values change simultaneously from end – to – end of the whole Supply Chain.

Blue-loop Inspiration


Every participant in the Supply Chain owns a piece of the system. They have all the information about what happens in their piece. But, each section of the system works towards one main goal – Achieve Efficient Fulfillment.

How do we know how effective and helpful we are being to the system? Or, if we are being considered a bottleneck in achieving our main goal?