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The actual marketplace is increasingly more demanding for public and private organizations. Products and services managed for clients must be processed through a Supply Chain which works in a simple, agile, and fast way, aligning each step of the process to achieve operational excellence, competitiveness, profitability, and client satisfaction through the efficient compliance of deliveries. This is the principal objective of the distinct technical and professional teams in a Supply Chain.

Unfortunately, during the offering of a service and the manufacturing of goods, not everything goes as planned. When interruptions come which cause delays in the flow of information, material, and products, we need additional money, work, and time to normalize the situation in order to assure opportune delivery to clients.

This is where blue-loop comes to life!

How can we improve the processes of our Supply Chain to avoid the interruptions in the work flow? How can I check the fulfillment of standards which are required by our clients? How can I assure an opportune delivery of a good or service to a client observing the actual state of the processes in an easy and centralized way? How can I obtain complete and opportune information in real time about the state of orders and service requests in all of my Supply Chain which directly impact the critical performance indicators “KPIs” and my standards for decision making?

We are a Software tool located in the cloud. From there, we integrate with the Supply Chain through communication systems which link with ERP systems, allowing for a complete visibility in the execution of your business, reorganizing the control stage of the processes to align them with the strategic objectives and performance parameters.

We provide intelligence from point to point in real time. We organize the entire complexity of the data of the processes and services so that you, the Supply Chain Manager, can concentrate on added value activities for your function: analyze, identify causes, coordinate plans of action with the work team, and provide follow-up to the results.

In this way, you obtain a competitive advantage by easily understanding how your business behaves, evaluating distinct alternatives oriented towards continual improvement, and adequately directing your personnel. A platform where you can communicate all your decisions and share all your possible risks and alerts about the process.

Blue-loop is simple. Complex and big experiences are not needed to obtain results. We offer a brief procedure to implement our solution.

• To be notified automatically by blue-loop when any stage of the Supply Chain presents deviations in its performance.

• To access important Supply Chain information from a mobile device like a Smartphone or Tablet.

Advantages and Benefits


To all of the work teams of an organization it provides complete visibility of all the management stages defined in the Supply Chain: Suppliers, Purchases, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transportation, and Customers. In this way it allows the identification in an opportune manner of limitations in its performance from the perspectives of finances, quality management, productivity, utilization of resources, and management of labor safety.

It allows companies to avoid the realization of multiple complex reports in distinct points. Managers will always count on real visibility and complete and exact information which will allow them to easily understand what is happening in their processes, facilitating decision making in an opportune way.


Blue-loop allows you to easily visualize the state of your Supply Chain with respect to performance parameters and strategic objectives of the organization in real time. It automatically identifies and notifies the Supervisor, Manager, and Director about any deviation from the actual parameters.


Disruptions in the Supply Chain cannot always be resolved quickly. In order to nimbly respond to each incident, the comprehension and opportune reaction of the different areas which participate in the work flow is required. With blue-loop it is feasible to put a plan of action in place and to make decisions which balance resources and workloads and reduce costs in the shortest time possible.


Through the “Communication Chat,” blue-loop shares ideas and proposed plans of action with all the work teams which participate in the Supply Chain in a standardized way.

Implementation of Continuous Improvement:

Since the system to measure parameters and performance en blue-loop is registered over time, it facilitates the implementation of continuous improvement programs for a complete Supply Chain, or as well, in a gradual form in each stage which it shapes.

Complete System:

Blue-loop facilitates its users to verify the fulfillment of objectives through the methodology “PDCA – Plan, Do, Check and Act,” by supplying information in real time about the behavior of the Supply Chain and registering the different performance results to be compared in distinct periods in which a plan of action has been implemented.

Essential Pieces

Those who give life to our Supply Chain. They have the responsibility to see that the ecosystem formed by the strategic objectives, people, teams, and performance standards functions better each time.

Provide tools so that they can comply with the following functions:

• Realize fluid communication among the distinct parts of the Supply Chain through “chat” and email.

• Identify the owners and work teams involved in each process and service generated in the Supply Chain.

• To be automatically notified by blue-loop when any stage of the Supply Chain presents deviation in its performance.

• Access important Supply Chain information from a mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet.

This is a digital entity utilized to virtualize a specific stage or process in the Supply Chain, thus representing critical performance parameters which can cause a negative impact throughout the work flow and, as such, signify a risk in providing a good or service to a client. The Nodes, also called Building Blocks, are found organized by category and type of operation within the Supply Chain, allowing the user an easy identification and interpretation of the process flow which he is in charge of.

The following organization corresponds to category:

• Stock or Inventory: Corresponds to all the Supply Chain stages related to the temporary warehousing of inventories, such as: products, raw materials, packing material, processing material, requests in process and safety inventories. All of these used to opportunely supply a product or service.

• Flow: In this classification are found those stages of the Supply Chain which are responsible for the efficient transportation from one point to another, assuring a correct delivery of inventories, as well as a product or service to the final client of the organization.

• Cadena o “Loop”: mediante esta clasificación se agrupa las actividades o etapas de la Cadena de suministro que están involucradas en la entrega de un bien o servicio desde su origen hasta su entrega final.

Within each Building Block the users of the system can obtain valuable information in real time about the behavior and performance in each stage of the Supply Chain. This information can be organized in the following way so that it can be analyzed in a systematic way by middle and senior management:

• Productivity • Tasa de utilización de recursos. • Utilization Rate • Measure specific quality attributes • Measure financial reasons directly related to the operation • Record of incidents presented in each stage of the Supply Chain • Measurement of delivery time or client response • Balancing of work loads • Analysis of risks associated with a possible delay in the work flow

Centralizes users and Building Blocks with the goal of being able to visualize the complete form of the Supply Chain which is in charge of providing a good or service. Through this it can identify the distinct opportunities for improvement which add value and reduce the response time to the client. • Allows visualizing the behavior and performance among the intermediate activities of the Supply Chain (transportation, transformation, inspection, and warehousing) in such a way to achieve identification of bottlenecks and limitations in the entire work flow.

• To identify beforehand client requests which may be delivered late to clients.

• Measure and assess the speed of the work flow which is present in the Supply Chain.

• Register and maintain through time information related with performance fulfillment.

Is the communication piece between blue-loop and “ERP” systems – Enterprise Resource Planning – present in each organization.

Integration Methods: Blue-loop can integrate and communicate with ERP systems in any of the following ways:

1.  FTP – “File Transfer Protocol”: Information systems allow reports to be issued in files with the domain “.csv” or “.xlsx,” to place them in a shared file where they are absorbed by blue-loop.

2. Web Service “WS”: A communication channel is developed among web applications which allows the actual system to send the information to blue-loop.

3. Manual: Blue-loop allows the users to upload information manually. This can be uploading a file type “.csv” or “.xlsx”, as well as directly in the application.

Our work methodology allows achieving an effective implementation of blue-loop in public and private organizations, considering functional requirements, design, development, validation, and installation as the principal hubs in the delivery of our product. As part of the principal objectives in the implementation of each project, parameters are established for scope, budget, and quality which contribute to a cycle for an efficient project.

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